Kharkiv, Myrrh Bearers Street, 11

Mon-Sun from 10:00 AM to 5:40 PM, Tue - holiday


Entrance ticket:

20 uah                    10 uah

                                                                                                                          Adult ticket                                             Student ticket

Entrance to each exhibition is paid separately

Free admission for all visitors: The third Sunday of every month



Guided tours:

(45 minutes tour  with a guide in Ukrainian or in Russian for groups up to 15 visitors)

100 uah                   50 uah

                                                                                                                          Adult ticket                                              Student ticket

To book a tour and check availability, please call: 706-33-94



Photography policy:

50 uah

                                                                                                                                                            Photo ticket

Visitors may:

Visitors may NOT:

Visitors must:

The Kharkiv Art Museum reserves the right to withhold or withdraw permission to photograph on the premises

Professional photography and film shoots for commercial or media purposes (advertising, TV/film, etc.) must be approved and scheduled in advance